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Precision Flat Bearings for Rolling Mills

If the milling stand and chocks are equipped with conventional wear plates made out of C45, tool steel or bronze, the effects of abrasion, impacts and corrosion significantly damages the wear parts and decrease the liner thickness. This increased gap between housing and chock liner then allows for high levels of axial-forces, which in turn damages chocks, rolls, roller bearings, the clamping system and negatively impacts final rolled product quality.

Rolling Mills around the world have to compete against each other to improve their profitability and product quality—the goal should be to eliminate the wear and tear of the machinery.

Our solutions

Wear Plates


Wear plates by CORTS® are made from exclusive compound steel. With this material, the benefits of two different metals supplement each other: the hardened tool steel side makes up the corrosion protected bearing surface while the base material is soft and elastic. This unique material combination offers superior shock protection of the mounting surfaces and chocks while the hard layer tackles wear and corrosion.


Guide Rails

We know that the machine creating precision needs to be more precise than the targeted precision of the product to be manufactured. CORTS guarantees that precision, even for machine builders. Upon customer request, we are able to machine various guide and bearing rails with tolerances of 1/100th of a millimeter out of CORC-g material.

Gliding and sealing rails for Sinter and Pelletizing Plants


The goal for Sinter and Pelletizing machinery is to eliminate wear as much as possible and to guarantee optimal efficiency of the plant. The highly abrasive Sinter requires special compound steel with material hardness of 62 to 64 HRc along with heat resistant properties. CORC-g Extra and CORC-g Extra90 are specially designed for this application and if used as recommended will last about 8 times longer then other rails.

Smart investments

The initial cost of our gliding and sealing parts for sinter or pelletizing plants, and our precision flat bearings for rolling mills, are slightly higher then standard parts because of the complex manufacturing techniques and durability of the material. However, once a CORTS part is in use, reduced wear, maintenance cost, and eliminated shut downs generate long term cost savings.

Unique in three qualities

For every field of application the required finish

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