The Principle of 
Cause and Effect 

In any kind of machine building—Sintering Plants or Rolling mills—the highest quality of wear parts and bearings has a direct influence on the efficiency of the plant. Less wear means more precision, shorter shut down duration, and increased mill availability. Maintenance costs are decreased, product quality is improved, and the profitability of the plant is enhanced: the principle of cause and effect.

CORTS works – Precise and efficient

CORTS specializes in plant efficiency with a focus on Sinter and Rolling Mills. We create better conditions for the operation of your equipment. Our precision guiding and bearing elements promise minimal wear and maximal precision, thanks to our exclusive CORC-g Compound Steel along with over 90 years of know-how in producing it. As your Engineering partner we offer pragmatic solutions that range from spare parts to complete turn-key maintenance solutions. Our goal is the long-term optimization of your plant’s efficiency, final product quality, and improvements of maintenance spending.

Traditionally Precise

CORTS has been family owned and operated for over 175 years, and is known for “Precision Made in Germany.” Today we are the worlds leading specialist for plant efficiency: Customers world wide are relying on CORTS for custom wear resistant guiding surfaces and engineering services that put their plant in excellent working conditions to improve it’s global competitiveness.