Gliding and sealing rails for 
Sinter and Pelletizing Plants 

The goal for Sinter and Pelletizing machinery is to eliminate wear as much as possible and to guarantee optimal efficiency of the plant. The highly abrasive Sinter requires special compound steel with material hardness of 62 to 64 HRc along with heat resistant properties. CORC-g Extra and CORC-g Extra90 are specially designed for this application and if used as recommended will last about 8 times longer then other rails.

The main reason why abrasion needs to be eliminated in Sintering plants is the need for a flush sealing between the rails. The vacuum in this process needs to be present for the production of sinter and intrusion of air does not only cause increased energy spending but can also lower the production volume of the plant by 30%.

Sliding and sealing rails for sintering and pelleting plants made of CORC-g Extra and CORC-g Extra90 offer optimum protection against wear (even for higher operating temperatures) as well as ensuring the optimum functioning of the sealing system. (»)