Refurbished components 
are the key to plant efficiency 

Based on our analysis of the optimal rolling mill efficiency and our maintenance, optimization and modernizing concept, we repair, renew or re-engineer all relevant components of your plant. Our state of the art, onsite-machining fleet is solely build for the environments of rolling mills and together with multiple surveying tools, and specialized engineers, CORTS fixes your problems faster then anyone else.

CORTS has in-depth knowledge and experience with the milling and refurbishment of reference and mounting surfaces of mill housings and chocks based on over 90 years of customer care for precision linear bearings around the world. This refurbishment concept is the only way to control the gap between housing and chocks for years to come. Please feel free to download our extensive reference list and case studies in the Download section.

With 3D CAD models and Finite-Element-Analysis we are able to simulate the rolling mill’s loads and are able to achieve tolerances and gaps between housing and chocks that supersede the original equipment manufacturer’s design, especially on old rolling equipment.

In order to keep a close look at the improved gap, we developed a patented; sensor based monitoring system called GAPview. Furthermore a sophisticated Component Management System with patented RFID technology makes it possible to track individual components, such as chocks, rolls or the fully assembled roll set. Customer specific maintenance practices and techniques are programmed into the software so that detailed information about the current condition and location of all your equipment is easy traceable for every one in the roll shop.

We repair, renew or modernise all relevant components of your plant – based on our plant analysis and our repair, optimisation and modernisation concept. (»)