Lets take a closer look: 
The Geometry of your Rolling Mill 

The foundation for our engineering services is the analysis of the current condition of your rolling mill. We measure all components meticulously. The basis for evaluating the present condition of your rolling mill components lies in our exact 3D laser surveying practices.

The Mill stand of every rolling mill determines the position of the roll set in relation to the rolled good and has a crucial influence on the quality of your finished product. That is why the geometrical alignment of the mounting surfaces for housing liners is fundamental for a controlled and reliable rolling process. The milling window and chocks directly influence the orientation of the rolls in relation to the rolled product and represent the key influence of the quality and targeted product dimensions. The imaginary center plane of each mill window and the relating chock together with the positioning of each part to the counter part denotes the basis for the overall rolling mill geometry. All surfaces and planes need to be referenced with respect to the relevant center axis.

On top of a detailed analysis of the current condition of the milling window with respect to the base level, the clamping system and the roll change rails; CORTS also uses state of the art software to create a detailed visualization of the measured results. This 3D model can then be used to explain the variation of the current condition to the designed distances and tolerances that were created by the mill builder during the time of commissioning. This is a powerful tool for mill maintenance staff and the roll shop employees to get a clear understanding of the conditions in the rolling mill and offers a solid foundation for the planning of necessary refurbishment and maintenance practices.

A precise analysis of the current status of your rolling mill forms the basis for our engineering services. (»)