State of the art Component 
Management System rather 
than spreadsheet data collection 

Every rolling mill owns an extensive amount of expensive equipment such as milling stands, chocks, spindles, or gearboxes. It is quite common that those components are traced and catalogued by hand or in spreadsheets, making it very difficult to for individuals to share this information. There is no clear identification what version is most up to date and appropriate maintenance is compromised.

The end result is usually the splitting of all necessary strategies into numerous part solutions where valuable information and collaboration between branches is lost.

With out patented, sophisticated RFID identification technology in combination with component management software, it is possible to accurately trace the location, condition, and lifetime performance of all relevant mill components. All that information is always up to date for every roll shop employee that has been granted access.

State of the art maintenance and production optimization

After our refurbishment, RFID tags are installed so that every component and their vast combination possibilities can be traced. With the help of those RFID tags and specific serial or part numbers we are able to identify the components geometry, duration of use, and associated partner components. That comprehensive data is then put in relation to other key information such as rolling campaigns, roll changes, grinding records and product quality. This allows for detailed information how certain combinations of chocks, bearings, roll, etc. are preforming and will prove to be a powerful tool for management staff.

Coupled with advanced RFID tags, our electronic Component Management System forms a cutting-edge system for the optimisation of your maintenance and production processes.