CADNO Roll Profile – 
Measurement: Total product 
quality and productivity 

Our CADNO Roll Profiler collects valuable performance data of the roll and is the initial part in quality assurance. Key profile data can be collected before or after every grind, even if the roll is not currently located on the grinding machine. Consequent monitoring of the roll’s profile is essential to optimize the grinding procedure and the rolls lifetime.

CADNO – A shop floor proven solution

Accuracy, repeatability, lightweight, and ease of use are vital features during daily use in the roll shop. The CADNO Roll Profiler is based on the proven technology of a mobile sledge caliper with state of the art electronics and software. The rugged design with high strength aluminum and carbon fiber is a perfect match for the rough environment of the roll shop.

CADNO V2 – The software full of features

The CADNO V2 software package does not only graph and analyze the measured profile, it also saves the information in a database for continuous quality control. High resolution measurement results allow for visual control of the profile within freely adjustable tolerances for all types of rolls. The integrated database saves every measured profile for the lifetime of the roll and makes comparing previous grinds to each other easier then ever. The unique roll pairing feature gives the user the ability to virtually stack two rolls and generate a graph of the gap between the two.

The CADNO V2 Software is also a modular element of our Component-Management System that feeds valuable information about the rolls, which are the key tools and capital extensive asset of every rolling mill, into a centralized, user friendly structure.

The CADNO software is a modular part of our component management system and provides vital basic data about your main tools, the decisive cost factor of your rolling mill. (»)